Timber Fence

Timber Fence

ALL Trade Contacts provides a full coverage fencing solution using a long lasting natural product. There are many configurations available for timber fencing with different options around posts, rails and palings.
It’s not hard to find a Timber fence in Brisbane. They are everywhere!
    Advantages of Timber fences include
  • They last a long time … we regularly look at replacing Timber fencing that is well over 20 years old
  • Timber provides good privacy (as opposed to say Chainwire fencing)
  • Timber provides a great acoustic barrier (compared to say Colorbond)
There are many different configurations of Timber fencing.


The most common height in 1800mm.
Timber fences lower than 1800mm tend to be post and rail fences, possibly with Chainwire inserted between the two horizontal rails (refer to our attached example pic)
Timber fences higher than 1800mm tend to go into acoustic type fences (explained below)


Generally we use 100mm x 75mm Hardwood posts for Timber fences. Sometime we use 100mm x 100mm hardwood posts.
Another good option are 65mm x 65 Galvanised Steel posts.
Generally we set the posts on a Timber fence 2400mm apart
Post are generally concreted 600mm in ground, unless we are working on a very sloppy block, in which case we will go in-ground deeper


Timber fences have horizontal rails. We use either 100mm x 38mm hardwood or treated pine rails, or maybe 75mm x 38mm rails
Rails come in 4800mm lengths so they work in well with 2400mm post centres
Typically an 1800mm high Timber fence will have 3 horizontal rails.
We used galvanised batten screws to fix the rails onto the posts.


Palings can be butted up hard against each other, or we can leave gaps. It depends on the level of privacy you are after.
Palings can also be overlapped – commonly called acoustic fence, you can have the lapped palings on one side of the fence or on both sides of the fence. (Called double lapped)
Typically we use 100mm x 15mm square top palings, but you can also get colonial look or rounded top palings.
Often a lapped Timber fence will also have a 100mm x 75mm rail sitting flat on top of the fence to finish it off.
Generally we use treated Pine palings.


Timber fences can of course be painted.
In some cases our customers do some of the painting or prepping of the timber before we put up the fence.
But in most cases Timber Fences are painted once they are up.
We are happy to work in with you on this.


Generally our Timber gates are supported by a Galvanised steel frame made out of 25mm x 25mm box section.
We supply hinges and latches and put the gates in at the same time we put the fence up.


There are many different specs you can choose. We like to have a look at your property, talk to you about the options, and then give you a price. Quite often we provide alternative Quotes for different specs, so that you can make a decision that suits you best.