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All Trades Contract has helped Brisbane families transform their garden into gorgeous landscapes, just with retaining walls. Dramatically improving your home, retaining walls can provide additional entertainment space perfect for kids or a backyard barbecue. We specialise in all sorts of retaining wall types allowing us to create your perfect garden.
Whether you want to shake up the look of your Brisbane home, or improve the functionality of your back yard, look no further than retaining walls. You will love the endless entertainment possibilities available from a sculptured yard, or the aesthetic transformation that only a tiered garden can provide.

Retaining Walls Types

We offer a wide variety of retaining walls that are the perfect match for your Brisbane home. Each option is made of the highest quality material, that is picked personally for your project. Your new retaining wall will act to tame unusable slopes around your property, increasing both the value of your home and its usability.
A close-up capture of a gray colored block stone retaining wall built as a two tier wall into an existing garden landscape viewed from the side in the early morning hours under sunny conditions.

Concrete Retaining

Concrete retaining walls are perfect when you want a modern looking retaining wall with quick installation and high durability. Concrete retaining walls offer flexibility not found in other materials, and are a perfect option for those who love the industrial design aesthetic or even want to be able to paint their retaining wall.
a path leading in a gorge between retaining walls with stacked gray stones. slate resembles a rock. rockery plants grow in it. There is soil between the joints and overgrown between them, lutea,

Sandstone Retaining

Sandstone retaining walls are the strongest and longest lasting of all our options. They provide a strong natural look to your garden and are very popular across Brisbane. It is a common option that is naturally porous, creating a natural drainage system for your yard. Sandstone absorbs water allowing it to drain out of the raised land preventing flooding.
New Cedar Wood Fence around home backyard property landscaping

Timber Retaining

All natural timber retaining walls are the perfect companion to your Brisbane garden. They offer a rustic look that is attractive amongst greenery. Timber retaining walls are also more affordable than other alternatives, and easier to install. Timber retaining walls are perfect for balancing out concrete or brick, bringing a natural look back to your home.
Brick retaining wall close up

Block Retaining

Block retaining walls are perfect for terracing. They offer a classic look that seemingly defies time. Easy to stack up, with adequate strength, these retaining walls are common across Brisbane, matching almost any home. Customise your blocks further with different colour options, allowing you to personalise your retaining wall.

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