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We are Colorbond Fencing Specialists

Colorbond Fencing provides a full coverage solution in a long lasting material. Colorbond fencing is commonly used in commercial and industrial properties, residential complexes and domestic properties.
Colorbond fencing continues to grow in popularity as property owners look for privacy and durability in a fence. In Queensland, the Colorbond name is often associated with roofing, but Colorbond has become a leader in high-quality fencing as well.

Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

  • Colorbond fencing provides the ultimate in privacy, and also allows you to match the fence to your roof or other colour themes on your property.
  • Colorbond fencing products come with a 10 year warranty, and a range of 2 styles and over 20 colour options.
  • Because Colorbond fences are modular systems, installation is quicker and easier than most other fencing systems.
  • All components of Colorbond fences are designed to fit together.
  • After the posts are installed, rails fit neatly into them and panels are put into place and locked in with the top rail.
  • Because Colorbond panels fit inside the rails and posts, it is possible to “double sheet” the colorbond panels, which allows a neighbour to have a different colour panel to you.

Gates & Other Components

We supply and fit Colorbond gates as well. We can supply single gates, also double swing gates, as well as Colorbond sliding gates. We use pre-fabricated Colorbond gates as standard, but for a more high quality look and feel, we also make fully welded framed Colorbond gates in our Geebung factory.
We usually use 65mmx65mm steel posts for Colorbond gates.
Other standard components include gate hinges and a variety of latches, some suitable for pool fencing. Most of the components come in the full range of Colorbond fencing colours, so blend in seamlessly with the rest of your fence.

Heights Available

The most common height Colorbond fence is 1800mm high, but Colorbond panels come in a range of heights from 1200mm to 2400mm.

Sloping Blocks

Where you have a sloping block, we rake the panels so that the top of the fence follows the slope of the land.
This is a much better solution than having the panels stepped down the hill with big gaps present under the fence.


In high wind or heavy use areas, we often spec steel posts, which adds a little to the cost, but adds a lot to the strength and longevity of a Colorbond fence. We use either 50mmx50mm or 65mmx65mm steel posts, powdercoated in your choice of colour. Posts are concreted in ground 600mm in most cases.
We also install Colorbond fences on top of sleeper retaining walls.